Omyvatelný Hepa Filtr Náhradní Soupravy pro Neatsvor X500 X600 Tesvor X500 X500 Pro Robotické Vysavače Náhradní Příslušenství


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167.82 Kč 145.97 Kč

  • Značka: OSSIEAO
  • Přizpůsobené modely: pro Tesvor X500/X500Pro/T8/M1 / S6
  • Díly Typ: Hepa Filtr/Čisticí Kartáč
  • Číslo Modelu: pro NEATSVOR X500 X600
  • Vysavače Typ Dílu: Filtry
  • Typ: Vysavač Díly
  • Původ: KN(Původu)

Štítky: conga 5090 filtr, xiaomi v2 pro, 360 s7 vysavač, neatsvor, vysavač liectroux c30b, neatsvork x600 robot vysavač, leeco x600, neatsvor x520, hepa kitfort, neatsvor x500.


Yoh Asakura 182
It came faster than stated. Everything is not crumpled
Delivery and shipment fast to Ufa in 16 days to the Mail. Parcel tracking works In mail applications completely Packing; reliable "pupyrka" in Yellow package see photo. No damage is okay. Order for 8 PCs Filters with a brush. The quality is excellent. I checked right away. Filters Correspond to the description of the site. Size and material type are the same! You don't have to do this. See the photo. Universal brush has; Broom on one side, and with others. "Comb," side cutter. Work, Partially convenient. I'll explain. Cutter-hair cuts normally. However, to completely remove at the edges Tightly wrapped hair can not be. The brush is clipped in the side of the brush rotor. That is from the side of the emphasis and Bearing with others. Sides. In the middle it cuts normally. Now about the details; about the broom. Pile long, tight don't Out of the hull. Dust runs away normally." Comb" It is very convenient to work when Hair and wool are cut. In general, everything is fine. So that I advise the goods and the seller.
Dxeceivingly 86
Filters correspond to the description on the site. Delivery to Ukraine took 3 weeks. Paralon filter is thicker than native. Visually, the HEPA filter is slightly different from the native color, but in size completely approached. The brush is very comfortable. There was no need to communicate with the seller. In general, the purchase is satisfied.
Send for 20 days to the Department of NP in Kiev.